A Brief History


In The Beginning

I was born in Colchester, in 1956, my father a pianist, my mother, a wonderful home maker and the main influence in my life. Inspired by the Disney animation, '101 Dalmatians' when young, I attempted 'redrawing' the story, using marker pens on any card/paper I could find and this is when I can say my desire to recreate images and forms began. With few toys as a child, I would make my own from 'Harbutt's Plasticine' ('eeh luxury' I hear you cry) and I discovered that in 3D form, in the round, so to speak, it was so much easier to find the depth of something, as opposed to trying to 'create' the illusion of it while drawing in 2D, in the flat. So, I tended to lean more towards working in that third dimension and these days modern professional 'waxes', along with many other materials, have replaced the 'plasticine' and balsa wood of my youth.


 With a small portfolio, I found myself offered the chance to be apprenticed to study under Richard C Lee, whose portrait busts of Icelandic Government members, together with his knowledge and ability in not only sculpting, but every aspect of mould making and casting, inspired me to want to capture likenesses as he did. The process of discovering and learning the practical aspects of the craft, such as armatures, moulds, casts, materials and etc. was equally thrilling and imbued me with a practical viewpoint on the best way to produce an item. Dick was the consummate sculptor and I learnt most everything I know from him and even modern materials I use now, all adhere to the same basic rules he taught me. While working and learning with Dick, I adopted his (sometimes mischievous) love of caricatures.......... sketching and eventually sculpting 'tributes' of people.