Welcome to the website of Jim Fryer-Kelsey, Sculptor, Model Maker



I am a commercial sculptor, model maker. I like and specialise in portrait work, but I have worked in many fields and materials and sculpted in different sizes, from 20' Theme Park/Exhibition pieces to 3" (75mm) high portrait figures. I also do work in the technical model field, as you will see.

My training was practical, through an apprenticeship and I am experienced in the many aspects of sculpture/modelling and the accompanying different types of mould making and casting that any given project might require, so can advise the best and quickest method to produce your end product.

I take both commercial and private commissions and have done quite a few family pieces.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and gain some insight into my abilities. If I can be of service to you in any way,  please don't hesitate in contacting me.

Thank you for visiting.

Jim F-Kelsey 

(updated June 2015)